# Intro Welcome to wiki.puri.sm! Here you should be able to find product specific information and tutorials designed to help you get the most out of your Librem product. If there is a topic you would like to be added, email your request to feedback@puri.sm. ### This wiki IS... A hardware REFERENCE wiki for USERS of physical products, that provides a historical track record of products. ### This wiki IS NOT... * Upcoming products (only add the pages when they actually exist in the wild), because that would be redundant with marketing/campaign/preorder pages, and the specs would be subject to change, and it would introduce confusion vs the rest of the pages * Listing hardware defects/problems (this is what our tech support team is for) * Restating anything corporate mission/philosophy/arguments etc. from the main website * Documenting the developer platform * Documenting the operating system or software in general * Replacing the forum / support / issue reporting mechanisms (encourage people to mail or go to the forum) # Table of Contents * [Hardware](/hw) - Navigate to a specific product * [Software](/sw) - PureOS specific topics * [Firmware (coreboot)](/fw) - Info on coreboot versions and how to flash coreboot * [How Tos](/howtos) - Various helpful tutorials